Caduceus Metaverse Protocol launches first decentralised exchange (DEX) CoinSwap

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Caduceus | CoinSwapCoinSwap has become the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on Caduceus (CMP), the public-based blockchain protocol of the metaverse. CoinSwap has now migrated to the Caduceus (CMP) blockchain, and becomes the first decentralized exchange in the ecosystem. The two parties will promote cooperation in the construction of financial infrastructure such as mining pools, and work together to improve the financial landscape of the Caduceus ecosystem.

In terms of convenience and efficiency, CoinSwap provides professional and intuitive candlestick charts and a one-click liquidity migration service which can rival the pending order service of centralized exchanges. In terms of cost reduction, CoinSwap’s trading fee is as low as 0.15%, and a unique platform with a coins deduction mechanism for trading fees. 
As to the compound income, platform coins can be used to mint supernode NFT’s, and users holding a supernode NFT can create an exclusive domain name and enjoy the benefits of transaction rebates.
CoinSwap will also launch a new LaunchPad function which will act as an “arsenal” for future applications for Caduceus. Only recently Caduceus ranked inside the top three on CoinMarketCap, attracting strong and positive attention for the blockchain.CaduceusWebsite: Twitter: Medium: CoinSwapWebsite: https://coinswap.comTwitter: