Barbados to Establish Sovereign Territory in the Metaverse

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The tiny island nation of Barbados is taking the bold move of establishing an embassy in the metaverse. Starting with Decentraland, the crypto friendly country aims to acknowledge the first sovereign territory in the virtual realm.

According to sources, Barbados sees the metaverse as the next frontier. A place to converge, learn, plan and connect with people from nations across the planet. Therefore, the embassies will provide an interaction point for metaverse travellers and allow for a tangible presence in the virtual and physical worlds.

The Barbadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed a ground-breaking official agreement with Decentraland, resulting in the right to establish a digital embassy on the platform. Barbados’ end game is to create a network of such locations throughout the metaverse. And to this end, talks are currently underway with fellow industry pioneers, Somnium Space, among others. All of which will eventually include a teleportation portal between the different realms.

Going forward, Barbados promises an “aggressive” expansion in the metaverse, providing official Barbadian locations that abide by international law, and the Vienna Convention, resulting in a unique diplomatic opportunity for Barbados, its government and its people. The first location will open as early as January 2022.

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