Aspen Strong Talks Mental Health in Decentraland

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As the metaverse evolves, the more diverse the activities that take place in it become. This week, it plays host to the first mental health discussion in Decentraland.

“Time to Talk” is a support group tackling the difficult subject of mental health, which will hold regular sessions in the metaverse. Every second Wednesday of every month, members will congregate in Vegas City to discuss a number of related topics.

The event is spearheaded by non-profit mental health advocate, Aspen Strong, who will use their expert knowledge to initiate dialogue with members of the community. And, further communicate strategies for maintaining and managing some of life’s ongoing problems. An interesting insight into the world of mental health, this group is technically for everyone. As, even if you don’t suffer particularly, it is always useful to know how to recognize it in a friend.

Looking at it, the metaverse, with its natural anonymity and the ability to reveal as much of yourself as you are comfortable, seems like the perfect place for this kind of session. As a result, attendees can remain in their comfort zone while attending the meeting.

Time to Talk commences at 8PM ET on October 13 in Decentraland’s Vegas City district.

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