WEF identifies AI and quantum computing as emerging global threats

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published its 19th Global Risks Report, highlighting a novel global threat – artificial intelligence – and exploring its diverse implications in a dedicated section.

The WEF report explores the varied impact of AI. It outlines the adverse outcomes of AI technologies, some intended or unintended negative consequences of advances in AI, and related technological capabilities (including generative AI) on individuals, businesses, ecosystems, and economies.

The report also identifies quantum computing, a system reliant on AI, as a potential disruptor, posing risks to the existing tech landscape and introducing substantial security concerns. It categorizes the adverse outcomes of AI in frontier technologies to include quantum computing, biotechnology, and geoengineering. 

However, the WEF noted that AI offers productivity benefits and breakthroughs in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, and climate change. The report urged the reduction of intentional misuse of AI and adhering to regulations around it.

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The WEF emphasizes particular concerns about the rapid rise of AI-generated content, which makes distinguishing between reality and falsehood challenging. The report identifies the spread of misinformation and disinformation through manipulated and fabricated content as a global risk, capable of influencing public opinion and fostering distrust in facts and authority.

The report underscores AI’s influence on the global job market, anticipating substantial disruptions across multiple industries. While AI may create new job opportunities, the WEF notes, it could also lead to significant job losses and economic instability.

This issue has sparked controversy in various industries, with AI rapidly replacing humans, causing global labor concerns from entertainment to scientific research.

The WEF urges increased public awareness and education on AI and its regulation to tackle these risks. The recent global declaration on AI safety, signed by leaders from 29 countries and the EU at Bletchley Park, emphasizes the urgent need to manage this evolving technology.

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Source: Cointelegraph