Solana Bull Run Could Smash Through $40 Barrier This Week – Here’s How

The NFT Unicorn a-5 Solana Bull Run Could Smash Through $40 Barrier This Week – Here’s How Crypto News

Solana (SOL) remains on a relentless upward trajectory, defying even recent reports of the embattled crypto exchange FTX moving millions of funds in SOL and other tokens. The cryptocurrency is now hovering close to a critical resistance point at $40, showcasing remarkable resilience and determination. 

As of the latest data from CoinGecko, the current SOL price stands at $37.96, reflecting a 5% increase in the past 24 hours and a seven-day surge of 21.3%.

The journey toward $40 has been an exciting one, with SOL appreciating by approximately 80% from its intramonth low of around $21.07, a level it touched near October 12, as per CoinMarketCap figures. While SOL has demonstrated its potential, the looming question on everyone’s mind is whether it can indeed break through the $40 resistance and continue its bullish run.

Solana Bullish Momentum And Technical Indicators

Last week, there were ominous signs of a reversal when SOL dipped below the $30 mark. However, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) proved to be a strong support as it bounced off at 70, reinforcing the bullish sentiment among traders. This key technical indicator suggested that the cryptocurrency had more room to grow, encouraging traders to keep their buy positions open.

An important turning point in SOL’s chart was an accumulation drive at the $30 mark. This price level allowed bulls to build the necessary momentum for the resumption of the uptrend. The subsequent surge catapulted Solana’s price above $35, bringing it closer to the elusive $40 milestone.

SOLUSD currently trading at $38.48 on the daily chart:

The Path To $40 – Key Metrics To Watch

As Solana inches closer to the $40 resistance, several key metrics and indicators are worth monitoring to gauge the cryptocurrency’s likelihood of breaking through this crucial barrier.

Increasing trading volume often accompanies strong price movements. Traders should keep an eye on SOL’s trading volume as a surge in buying interest can indicate a potential breakout.

Sentiment analysis across social media platforms, forums, and news sources can provide valuable insights into market sentiment. Positive sentiment may fuel the bullish drive, while negative sentiment could signal potential headwinds.

The Solana ecosystem is dynamic and continuously evolving. Any significant developments, partnerships, or platform upgrades can influence SOL’s price trajectory.

Solana’s journey to $40 is characterized by a combination of technical strength, market sentiment, and ecosystem developments. While it has shown remarkable resilience, achieving this milestone will depend on a confluence of factors.

Traders and enthusiasts are eagerly watching for signs of a potential breakout, and the coming days will reveal whether SOL can maintain its bullish momentum and breach the $40 resistance.

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