Pre-Halving Rally: Why Green Bitcoin and Bitcoin Minetrix are Going Up?

The NFT Unicorn green_bitcoin_gbtc_btc_minetrix_sponsored Pre-Halving Rally: Why Green Bitcoin and Bitcoin Minetrix are Going Up? Crypto News

The pre-halving rally is taking new turns. Despite the short-term downticks, analysts are optimistic that established cryptocurrencies will reclaim their all-time highs in the coming weeks.

But new crypto coins with low initial market caps are stealing the spotlight. The prospect of exponential gains, ranging from 1200% to 2000% over the month, is too compelling to ignore. High-cap assets like BTC, ETH, SOL, and ADA will fail to match that. It is unrealistic to expect them to stretch their market caps beyond a point.

As Bitcoin closes in on its previous ATH, low-cap gems Green Bitcoin and Bitcoin Minetrix ride the rally to new heights.

Green Bitcoin Gives Exposure to Bitcoin Mania, Along With Gamified Staking Rewards

Another project that has been stealing the spotlight this week is Green Bitcoin ($GBTC), a gamified staking platform intricately linked to the fluctuations in BTC’s price.

How exactly does it work?

The daily and weekly predict-to-earn challenges hosted on Green Bitcoin give participants significant exposure to volatile crypto price movements without high risk. The fresh GambleFi narrative has sparked a new trend, expected to intensify in the upcoming weeks.

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While the GambleFi sector is crowded, it remains a relatively underdeveloped niche within the crypto landscape. GambleFi has to venture beyond mere casino and sports betting platforms. Green Bitcoin marks the beginning of that.

The predict-to-earn staking dashboard focuses on BTC-based price forecasts to capitalize on the momentum building up before the halving event.

These gamified prediction challenges stand apart from conventional forms of gambling and trading with their success strategy. While proficiency in technical analysis and luck is crucial to staying profitable in traditional gambling and trading, predict-to-earn challenges thrive on a fusion of intuition and informed insights.

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It targets a much wider user base, as a result. By staking $GBTC tokens, anyone can join these prediction challenges and stand a chance to win attractive rewards. In addition to gamified staking, Green Bitcoin offers passive staking for those looking for a more hands-off avenue for profit.

Is it too Late to Buy $GBTC?

$GBTC could enter the list of top 50 cryptocurrencies this year. The dual active and passive staking mechanisms will not only help Green Bitcoin drive demand, but also sustain its price dynamics in the long run.

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The public still has the chance to acquire $GBTC tokens at fixed discounted rates during the limited presale window. Presale participants are eligible for passive staking returns of up to 250% APY through early participation.

Visit $GBTC Presale

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale is About to Cross $12M

The current frenzy in the crypto market can be explained by the growing anticipation surrounding the Bitcoin halving event scheduled for April. The historic bullish movements that precede and follow the crypto milestone justify the enthusiasm. According to some analysts, BTC has the potential to touch $100,000 by year-end.

That partly explains the rapidly growing traffic to the Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) presale, which is on its way to the $12M milestone. One of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies of the year, Bitcoin Minetrix will soon make its entry into crypto exchanges. The stake-to-mine dashboard that underpins the utility aspect of the project allows anyone to earn Bitcoin mining rewards.

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Interestingly, you don’t need to set up a mining rig to start earning the rewards. Neither do you need to make any investments in hardware. It is as simple as staking your $BTCMTX tokens in the dashboard in just a few clicks. Over time, your account will accrue mining credits in non-transferable ERC20 tokens. When you burn them, you earn BTC rewards.

Tokenizing mining rewards, Bitcoin Minetrix successfully tackles risks associated with third-party cloud mining scams.

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$BTCMTX Investors Await a FOMO-Fuelled Exchange Launch

Taking advantage of the low entry point offered by the discounted presale prices, strategic investors are preparing to ride the unfolding bull mania.

Bitcoin Minetrix has high relevance in the crypto market, thanks to its utility-rich ecosystem that solves a long-standing problem in the mining sector.

The project’s name and core value proposition have also been successful in capitalizing on the viral excitement around Bitcoin halving.

The bull mania has catalyzed the presale, which is approaching a rapid sell-out. The passive staking rewards for presale investors also add to the appeal of the token.

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