Logan Paul denies CryptoZoo scam, Munchables boosts security: Nifty Newsletter

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In this week’s newsletter, read about a new documentary where YouTuber Logan Paul talked about his controversial nonfungible token (NFT) project CryptoZoo. Check out OpenSea enabling support for ERC-721C and how the crypto game Munchables is recovering after a hack. And find out how a Web3 game gets listed in the Epic Games Store. 

YouTuber Logan Paul argues CryptoZoo “isn’t a scam” in new documentary

In a video documentary published on March 28, YouTuber Logan Paul attempted to lay down his side of the story about the controversial NFT project CryptoZoo. The internet celebrity argued that the NFT project was not a scam because he also lost money.

Furthermore, Paul also said in the documentary that the CryptoZoo saga is “far from over” because he was painted as a villain in a “one-sided story.”

Paul received criticism for endorsing the project, which never took off, leading to disgruntled investors filing a class-action lawsuit against him.

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OpenSea enables support for ERC-721C programmable earnings standard

NFT marketplace OpenSea enabled a royalty enforcement tool within its trading platform. On April 2, the NFT marketplace announced that it added support for the ERC-721C token standard, which lets creators set royalties on their collections and enforce them.

Before the token standard, users could bypass creator royalty commissions on secondary markets using platforms that did not honor royalty requirements. However, the new token standard ensures that creators would be able to secure their earnings.

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Munchables reworks multisig, contracts and dev hiring after $68 million theft

After the NFT game Munchables lost and recovered millions from a rogue developer, the platform announced a plan to avoid a similar incident happening again. The project highlighted that it had restructured its team completely and brought in entities to help upgrade its security.

The NFT game also reworked its multisig, onboarding Manifold Trading, Selini Capital and ZachXBT as signers to ensure that funds will be returned to users.

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Web3 game Wilder World gets Epic Game Store listing during alpha testing

Web3 game Wilder World has been listed on the Epic Games Store before its launch. The metaverse game aims to offer a free-roam virtual world, adds Web3 elements like NFTs, and is built on top of a blockchain.

The project is working with Polygon and Celestia to build a custom, scalable blockchain hosting the virtual world. The game also highlighted that all the items, lands, equipment and avatars within the game will be tradable digital assets in its marketplace.

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Source: Cointelegraph