How Bitcoin Can Be a Lifeboat for People in Third World Countries: Interview with Ledn’s Mauricio Di Bartolomeo

The NFT Unicorn Di-Bartolomelo-1 How Bitcoin Can Be a Lifeboat for People in Third World Countries: Interview with Ledn’s Mauricio Di Bartolomeo Crypto News

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, co-founder of Ledn Inc., a company specializing in Bitcoin lending services, shares his journey that was affected by his experiences in Venezuela’s economic turmoil, which shaped his understanding of financial independence and the role of BTC in achieving it.

Di Bartolomeo’s experience in Venezuela, where he witnessed the collapse of the country’s economy, significantly influenced his journey into the Bitcoin universe. He recounts, “It was really painful to live through that collapse and see everybody’s assets just dwindle to zero.”

This hardship highlighted the need for a stable and independent financial system, driving Di Bartolomeo towards Bitcoin as an alternative. His brother’s experience in Bitcoin mining in 2015 further solidified his belief in the asset as a means for economic resilience.

Bitcoin: A Tool for Economic Liberation

Di Bartolomeo saw Bitcoin not just as a currency or investment but as a means of breaking free from traditional financial constraints. He says, “Bitcoin isn’t just a currency or an investment; it’s a way of breaking free from traditional financial constraints.”

Explaining the impact of Bitcoin in Venezuela, Di Bartolomeo notes how the primary cryptocurrency helped people protect their income from inflation and capitalize on its value in a restrictive economic environment.

“In the context of the worst capital controls I’ve ever experienced, here was Bitcoin helping you protect yourself from inflation,” he recalls. He realized that if Bitcoin could be so effective in Venezuela, it could be beneficial in other countries with similar economic issues, such as Argentina, Turkey, etc.

Bitcoin as a Human Right and Financial Inclusion:

“I firmly believe that the option to opt out of a highly manipulated currency that is managed by a regime that goes against your best interest should be a human right,” he asserts. He sees Bitcoin as a tool for financial inclusion, enabling individuals to move their wealth easily across borders.

Reflecting on BTC’s broader implications, Di Bartolomeo notes, “Bitcoin is helping people in developing countries protect their savings and stay connected to the financial world.” He believes that Bitcoin’s ability to transcend traditional financial barriers is a testament to its potential for creating a more inclusive financial system globally.

Looking ahead, Di Bartolomeo sees a bright future for Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. He believes they will continue to play a crucial role in offering financial freedom and stability, particularly in countries facing economic challenges. His journey from Venezuela to co-founding Ledn Inc. showcases the potential of digital assets to offer financial solutions in a rapidly changing global economy.

Additionally, he called Bitcoin “the lifeboat” that certain people from struggling economies need to escape the restraints imposed by their own governments.

Loan Without the Need to Sell Your Bitcoin

Identifying the untapped potential of Bitcoin as a means of financial freedom, Di Bartolomeo co-founded Ledn. “We started Ledn to help people use their Bitcoin to access dollars without having to sell their digital assets,” he explains.

This vision was driven by a belief in Bitcoin’s potential as a tool for financial liberation. Under his leadership, Ledn has expanded its offerings to include interest-bearing accounts for Bitcoin and USDC, products like B2X loans, and Custodied loans.

Di Bartolomeo emphasizes the importance of risk management and transparency in Ledn’s operations. “It’s critical that we manage risks prudently and maintain transparency with our clients,” he notes, highlighting Ledn’s approach to client security in a volatile cryptocurrency market.

“We operate with an open-book policy and provide proof of reserves to ensure our clients’ peace of mind,” he adds, reinforcing the company’s commitment to transparency and client trust. The transparency appears to be working, with Ledn doubling the size of its retail loan book since FTX’s collapse in November 2022.

Di Bartolomeo sees cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, as a transformative tool for financial inclusion. He believes in its potential to empower individuals worldwide, enabling them to protect their wealth from inflation and government controls. His vision extends beyond Ledn, as he sees the broader impact of cryptocurrencies in creating a more inclusive and secure financial ecosystem.

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