Here’s Why The Worldcoin (WLD) Price Surged Over 15% In One Day To Reach $3

The NFT Unicorn Worldcoin Here’s Why The Worldcoin (WLD) Price Surged Over 15% In One Day To Reach $3 Crypto News

Worldcoin (WLD) is currently enjoying an upward trend, with the crypto token surging by over 15% in a single day to reach $3. This development is thanks to the recent strides that the Worldcoin team has made to achieve the goals of the crypto project. 

Expansion Of Worldcoin’s World ID Provides Bullish Momentum

The Worldcoin team recently announced that World ID, the project’s global identity network, would be making an entry into Ecuador. Locals in the country can get verified using the Orb to join Worldcoin’s identity network. The team mentioned that verifications will be available at six locations across two Ecuadorian cities. 

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Verification will begin at the port city of Guayaquil on June 26, while the other verification locations will be set up in the Capital city of Quito on June 27. Worldcoin stated that anyone 18 years or older who is interested in joining the over 5 million people participating in the Worldcoin network can get Orb verified in either of those two cities. 

This development undoubtedly provides bullish momentum for the Worldcoin token, considering the role the crypto token plays in achieving the team’s vision of providing a global identity for everyone. Worldcoin’s entry into Ecuador is also a much-needed boost, given the regulatory scrutiny and negative publicity that has overwhelmed Worldcoin’s ecosystem. 

Worldcoin also noted that its upcoming launch in Ecuador comes at a time when the project is set to expand further in Argentina through direct investments in the country and the launch of more Orb verification locations. As part of the investment, Worldcoin contributors such as Tools for Humanity (TFH) will sponsor professional opportunities for at least 50 developers, operations specialists, software engineers, data analysts, and other professionals in the country. 

Additionally, Worldcoin announced that 50 World ID orb verification locations, including two experience stores, will be set up in over ten cities across Argentina. These locations are expected to open sometime during the summer in the country. 

More Good News For Worldcoin

Kenya’s local media, The Star, recently reported that the government has dropped its investigation into Worldcoin. Worldcoin had earlier had to suspend its World ID verifications in the country following allegations of unlawful collection and transfer of personal data belonging to locals. 

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However, upon investigating and reviewing these allegations, the country’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) determined that they had no substance and directed that the investigation be dropped with no further action from law enforcement agencies. The Star noted that this development will likely pave the way for Worldcoin to resume its operations in Kenya. 

Worldcoin’s operations in Kenya were largely successful. Over 635,000 Kenyans are said to have downloaded the World App, although more than half of these individuals had yet to verify their identity using the Orb. 

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