EigenLayer enhances EigenDA security to combat sybil attacks

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EigenLayer has implemented an additional security feature for its EigenDA data-availability service on the Ethereum mainnet to prevent Sybil and DDoS attacks. 

According to the EigenDA’s X post announcement, this whitelist security measure utilizes either an IP address or Ethereum address Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) authentication to ensure enhanced protection and secure access to the service.

ECDSA authentication is a cryptographic method for verifying the identity of a user, device, or system. It is based on the principles of public-key cryptography and uses elliptic curve cryptography to ensure secure authentication.

The security feature

With the incorporation of this security measure, EigenLayer seeks to protect the service it offers while guaranteeing its availability to all clients.

The current free tier offers a generous throughput of up to 768KB per 10-minute window, far exceeding the needs of even the busiest rollups on Ethereum. For instance, Base, a popular rollup, uses fewer than 2 blobs every 10 minutes, making EigenDA’s free tier more than sufficient to meet current demands.

Source: EigenDA

Additionally, EigenDA allows partners to request increased throughput beyond the free tier, providing a flexible solution for high-demand use cases.

Through the partner registration page, interested parties can collaborate closely with EigenDA to tailor their data needs, ensuring support for a wide range of applications and innovations that require high-throughput capabilities

EigenDA generates synthetic loads of 0.6 MB/sec and achieves peak throughputs of up to 10 MB/sec on the mainnet.

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EigenLayer is also working on implementing permissionless payments for blob throughput on EigenDA, which is planned to be released by the end of this year. This feature will enable users to reserve bandwidth at a fixed rate to support high throughput demands.

Eigen’s token distribution

The Eigen Foundation has initiated the second phase of the EIGEN stake drop, a significant milestone in the project’s token distribution roadmap. This phase marks the culmination of Season 1 and contributes to the total distribution of 113 million EIGEN tokens, representing 6.7% of the allocated supply for stake drops.

Once claimed, tokens will be temporarily locked until the end of Q3 2024, preventing transfers. However, users can still engage in staking and delegation activities with EigenDA operators through the EigenLayer web portal.

EigenLayer, which went live on Ethereum mainnet in April 2024, has already gathered more than $12 billion in deposits. The platform opens up new proof-of-stake projects by using a wider trust network, thus omitting the necessity for separate security solutions.

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Source: Cointelegraph