DeFi.Gold Releases Public Alpha of NFT Marketplace with Ordinals Support

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[PRESS RELEASE – Georgetown, Cayman Islands, July 2nd, 2024]

DG Labs Ltd (DeFi.Gold) proudly announces the release of the public alpha version of its highly anticipated NFT marketplace, now featuring support for Ordinals. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a new era in digital asset trading and ownership.

The public alpha release provides users with an early glimpse into the revolutionary decentralized marketplace designed to empower creators, collectors, and investors in the burgeoning NFT space. By supporting Ordinals, DG Labs Ltd ensures a seamless experience for users to tokenize, trade, and showcase unique digital assets with enhanced precision and versatility. The marketplace can be accessed at

“We are thrilled to launch the public alpha of our NFT marketplace,” said Mona Coyle, CEO of DeFi.Gold. “This is a major step towards realizing our vision of a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that caters to the diverse needs of the NFT community.”

Development Timeline

DeFi.Gold is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Following the public alpha release, the platform is set to integrate support for the Taproot Assets protocol by mid-August. By the end of August, DeFi.Gold plans to introduce support for RGB protocol-based NFTs.

Taproot Assets and RGB both utilize new features in the Bitcoin protocol that enable the creation of cutting-edge smart contracts and tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain, including NFTs. These additions will make DeFi.Gold’s marketplace the first to comprehensively support all the major Web3 standards being developed on Bitcoin.

The full marketplace is scheduled to go live on the mainnet by mid-September. This launch will include all the advanced features and improvements introduced during the public testing phases, ensuring a polished and powerful platform ready for widespread adoption.

“We are dedicated to delivering a marketplace that is not only feature-rich but also secure and efficient,” added Mona Coyle. “Our roadmap reflects our commitment to providing our users with the best possible experience in the world of NFTs.”

DeFi.Gold Launchpad and DEX

DeFi.Gold will also be launching a launchpad and a DEX this summer for fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain based on the Taproot Assets, RGB, and Runes protocols.

For more information users can contact:

Mona Coyle


Twitter: @TeamDefiGold

About DeFi.Gold

DeFi.Gold is revolutionizing the Bitcoin blockchain with its non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) and NFT marketplace. Built on Bitcoin’s L1 and Lightning Network, it offers enhanced scalability, efficiency, and advanced features. Supporting Taproot, RGB, and Rune-based tokens for its swap exchange, it enables the trading of various assets, including memecoins, utility tokens, DAO tokens, and stablecoins. Its NFT marketplace enhances liquidity for creators and collectors.

The platform integrates with major Bitcoin web wallets and supports Lightning Network transactions for fast, low-cost operations. DGOLD, the governance token, empowers community-led decisions, driving innovation in decentralized finance on the Bitcoin blockchain.


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