Crypto game ‘Munchables’ on Blast exploited for $63M

The NFT Unicorn 1b9066c3-da7c-4236-9ab5-8d754089ca22 Crypto game ‘Munchables’ on Blast exploited for $63M Crypto News

A nonfungible token (NFT) game built on the Ethereum layer-2 Blast called Munchables has suffered a $62 million exploit. 

The official X account for Munchables announced its protocol had been compromised in a March 26 post to X at 9:33 pm UTC. 

Blockchain analyst ZachXBT responded to Munchable’s post with the wallet address of the alleged attacker, which currently touts a balance of $62.45 million in Ether (ETH), per Blastscan data. 

The wallet address of the exploiter shows that it interacted with the Munchables protocol at 9:26 am UTC, extracting a total of 17,413 ETH, per DeBank data

The NFT Unicorn 16cdcbbc-96ce-4729-adec-00fab0e569b7 Crypto game ‘Munchables’ on Blast exploited for $63M Crypto News
Source: Debank

The exploiter’s wallet address then transferred $10,700 worth of ETH through the Orbiter Bridge, transferring the Blast ETH back into native ETH. At 10:05 pm UTC, the wallet sent an additional 1 ETH to a fresh wallet address. 

Munchables is a GameFi app built on the new Ethereum L2 Blast, allowing players to collect, trade, and socialize with their NFT creatures. Additionally, the Munchables protocol allowed players to stake Blast ETH and Blast USD (USDB) to farm Blast points and unlock added in-game perks. 

This is a developing story, and further information will be added as it becomes available.

Source: Cointelegraph