Bitcoin looks to surpass Meta in total value as crypto climbs

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Bitcoin (BTC) reached $50K again on Feb.12, hitting a market cap value of $981.86 billion. Compared against the world’s most valuable companies’ stocks and precious metals, Bitcoin has once again entered the top 10 most valuable assets by market capitalization. 

As Cointelegraph recently reported, Bitcoin reached $50K again for the first time since Dec. 2021 amid apparent investor excitement over Bitcoin exchange-traded funds and the upcoming ‘halvening’ playing a substantial role.

If the bullishness continues, Bitcoin could find itself climbing the market capitalization charts. Its previous all-time-high led to a market cap of $1.28 trillion at $67,617.02 per bitcoin.

As of the time of this article’s publication, BTC is sitting comfortably in the number 10 spot with Meta (previously listed as Facebook) ahead by about $235 billion at a value of $1.214 trillion. While it’s unlikely that BTC will make up the difference in a single gulp, the current 24-hour trend shows Meta up 1.73% with Bitcoin up 3.22%.

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If Bitcoin manages to surpass Meta, next up would be silver ($1.28T) and Amazon, Nvidia, and Alphabet (all around $1.8T). After that, it’s smooth sailing until the $2-trillion-dollar-club where Bitcoin would need to reach somewhere around $100K per coin to start competing with Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, and Apple.

Once those mountains have been climbed, the only thing standing between BTC and the top spot is gold. But, to stretch the metaphor, at a total market capitalization of $13.65 trillion, gold represents the Mount Everest of asset obstacles to overcome.

Image source: screenshot, CompaniesMarketCap

Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) is up 3.45% as of the time of this article’s publication. Its current market cap of $313.54 billion is good for 34th place, beating out Nestle’s ($294.8B) and Toyota’s ($307.81B). Those are the only cryptocurrencies represented in the top 100.

Some analysts are imagining a rising tide scenario wherein Ethereum continues its upward momentum alongside Bitcoin’s trending gains. That could position the second-most-valuable cryptocurrency in the world to take on big tech companies such as Tencent and Samsung — with both valued at less than $400 billion.

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Source: Cointelegraph