Analyst targets $91.5K Bitcoin next despite Fed’s ‘hawkish tone’

The NFT Unicorn 90c10f0a-4e44-4a30-b57c-36e63faffa4a Analyst targets $91.5K Bitcoin next despite Fed’s ‘hawkish tone’ Crypto News

The Federal Reserve’s “hawkish tone” has not swayed a technical analyst’s prediction that Bitcoin (BTC) will soon surge almost 25% above its all-time high of $73,679 — the “next step” before eventually reaching the cycle’s peak of $123,832.

“$91,539 target left untouched and unchanged for Bitcoin,” pseudonymous technical analyst CryptoCon wrote in a June 12 X post just hours after the release of the Federal Reserve’s meeting minutes decided to maintain the interest rate and plans to reduce from three much hoped for rate cuts to just one this year.

CryptoCon supported their Bitcoin prediction using the “Magic Bands” model, which breaks up the cycle into different levels based on previous cycle peaks and bottoms to predict future prices. 

The model is based on the idea that once Bitcoin’s price breaks through “one primary level”— the current all-time high — it moves onto the “next step” based on previous cycle movements.

According to the model, Bitcoin is currently resisting within level 2.5. However, once it breaks through this consolidation period, it will reach level 3 at $91,539, followed then by the “Cycle Top Target” of $123,832.

The Magic Bands model shared by crypto analyst Crypto Con. Source: Crypto Con

An increase to $91,539 would represent a 34% spike from its current price of $68,315, as per CoinMarketCap data.

“Taking some time to reach it at Level 3 of the Magic bands but it’s the next step,” added CryptoCon.

The prediction came despite concern among other traders over the Fed’s “hawkish tone,” which is generally used to describe when the Fed appears to be taking a more aggressive stance to control inflation (including fewer interest rate cuts).

When interest rates lower, traditional “lower-risk” assets such as bonds become less attractive, and investors are more likely to turn to perceived riskier assets such as Bitcoin. The opposite occurs when interest rates rise.

“The hawkish tone of the FOMC isn’t positive. Powell’s speech and projections are market-leading for Bitcoin. CPI was super positive today,” MN Trading Consultancy founder Michaël van de Poppe wrote in a June 12 X post.

The NFT Unicorn 92738b65-f53a-4ff2-83e6-5e183b2c2aee Analyst targets $91.5K Bitcoin next despite Fed’s ‘hawkish tone’ Crypto News
Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell speaking following the Fed’s two-day policy meeting on June 12. Source: CNBC Television

“Today’s FOMC is definitely more hawkish than anticipated,” added independent analyst Ted Talks Macro.

Although 10x Research head of research Markus Thielen believes that the FOMC may have unrealistic expectations.

“The FOMC will likely have to lower their expectations later in the year, as we have already seen the high for this year’s inflation prints,” Thielen told Cointelegraph.

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“While the FOMC expects just one cut, the market still prices in two cuts, down from six at the beginning of the year,” he explained.

Month-on-month CPI was unchanged from last month, while the year-on-year tally was 3.3% — both 0.1% lower than forecast. Following the announcement, Bitcoin gained $1,500 in seconds, surging to $69,636, Cointelegraph reported on June 12.

“The US CPI came in at 3.3%, precisely as we hoped for,” Thielen said.

“A lower CPI has been bullish for Bitcoin, while a higher one has been bearish – leading to the sell-offs in January, March, and April,” he added.

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Source: Cointelegraph